IsotopX is the most prominent manufacturer of latest generation Thermal ionisation Mass Spectrometer, having the
wealth of about 35 years of field experince.

The IsoProbe-T™ is the latest in a multi-generational series of mass spectrometers which have addressed the continuing
Analytical challenges posed by the nuclear and geological/ environmental communities.

The IsoProbe-T™ incorporates superior electronics, unique ion-optics and a wide flight tube for 20% relative mass
separation in the static mode of collection. The M17 collector assembly is designed for total flexibility and incorporates
field proven LIF™ Faraday collectors, together with the option of a multiple ion counting array, to measure isotope ratios
at picogram sample sizes.

At the core of the IsoProbe-T is detector technology which combines very low noise Faraday collectors for the highest  <0.
0005% (5ppm) precision isotope ratio measurements, with a comprehensive range of highly stable, multiple ion counting
detectors, that can simultaneously measure for example the isotopes of Uranium and Plutonium in the smallest
environmental samples. Simultaneous measurement means that all the ions are measured all the time, as opposed to a
fraction of the time in sequential analysis. This is especially necessary for transient signal analysis in total evaporation

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