Kore is a leading manufacturer in the field of Mass Spectormetry and specialise in instruments for surface analysis (SIMS).

Kore has designed a new compact TOF-SIMS instrument 'SurfaceSeer', that provides the power of surface analysis to
industrial clients at much lower cost of high-end research TOF-SIMS instruments. The instrument is designed to be a 'work
horse' for spectroscopy in both positive and negative TOF-SIMS modes, and has a mass resolution of 1000 and a mass
accuracy of ± 10amu.

Apart from SurfaceSeer, Kore can also deliver customised TOF-SIMS systems to meet challenging research applications
such as Ion Microscopy, SIMS and SNMS on fully hydrated biological specimens, Material Research, etc. Kore can also
offer customised TOF-MS coupling to a Glow Discharge Ion Source.

For further information, please visit
www.kore.co.uk or  contact us.