Laser Analysis Technologies, part of the XRF Scientific group is a specialist manufacturer of next-generation analytical equipment
using Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy.

During analysis a high-power laser is used to induce a bright plasma at the surface of the material, the 'light' from which is
subsequently analysed by a unique spectrometer and detection system. The technology is sensitive to a wide range of inorganic
elements present in materials in addition to key low atomic number elements - such as hydrogen to sodium - which are often not
detected by alternative technologies.

Both the current two LIBS models: Spectrolaser-4000 and Spectrolaser-Target are available with several options to suit the
application. Spectrolaser- Target allows elemental mapping of surfaces in addition to precise inspection at any position on the
analysed sample.

Proven applications include elemental analysis in Coal, Glass, Steel, Gemmology and many others.

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