Seron Technologies Inc, Korea has currently manufacture two different models of Scanning Electron
Microscopes: AIS 2100 and AIS2200.

Taking over the integrated core technology from former manufacturers Mirero Inc., AIS 2100 is
especially designed for the growing demands from the various range of industrial field for simple but
powerful inspection instrument. AIS2100 allows users to focus on performing nano-analysis. AIS2100
is a PC controlled digital SEM with user-friendly operating condition based on window environment.
This state-of-the art equipment is characterized by the high degree of automation and flexibility
providing customers with wide scope analysis data.

AIS 2200 is designed for more demanding applications. With its unique added features, this system gives
higher magnification and resolution capabilities.

With both the SEM models we can supply add-ons like EDS systems, WDS systems, CCD cameras, BSE
detectors, etc.

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