Sercon Ltd., U.K  is the only dedicated manufacturer of Stable Isotope Mass Spectrometers and their associated
sample preparation systems for Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (IRMS Instrumentation). Sercon also
provides Stable Isotope labelled compounds.

Backed by a wealth of experience in Isotope Ratio Instrumentation, Sercon provides a full range of services
specific to isotope ratio scientists and their applications.

Sercon manufactures a family of Stable Isotope Mass Spectrometers; Continuous Flow and Dual Inlet IRMS.
Other modules available are:
  • 13C and 15N Analysers,
  • Automated Breath Carbon Analysers,
  • Elemental analysers,
  • Sample Preparation systems for gaseous, solids and Liquids,
  • Gas Chromatographic interface - GC Combustion/ Pyrolysis systems,
  • Cryogenic Gas purification and concentration systems,
  • TOC- Cryo-prep device for high precision 13C analysis from dissolved carbon,
  • High temperature elemental analyser system,
  • Carbonate Acid preparation system,
  • Water Equilibration system  and
  • Customised Sample Preparation devices.

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